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If You’re looking for the best Chiropractor In St Augustine Florida you may have just find what your looking for Because Matanzas Chiropractic can eliminate Your pain quickly and easily with breakthrough laser therapy for pain and many other cutting-edge treatments.

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About Us

We are a licenced chiropractic clinic servicing in St Augustine. We have thousands of patients every year who benefit from our skilled chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic service has been used as an alternative medicine to get rid of body pain for years now. Our chiropractors go through proper education on chiropractic medicine and training to treat patients of all ages. We are dedicated to help patients see through a healthy and pain-free life. We build a rapport in the community, helping patients suffering from years of pain, hel0ing to better their posture and helping young individuals to have healthy pain free life. When you want quality chiropractic service you know who to come to. Matanzas Chiropractic takes all insurances, we check with your medical insurance to see if they cover chiropractic service under the policy, so you can be certain before taking the services.

Welcome To Laser Based Treatment In St. Augustine

Laser therapy has shown quite good results in dealing with deep muscle and tissue pain. Laser therapy is promising in reducing tissue inflammation and pain. The laser is strong enough to penetrate the skin and reach the muscles but not powerful enough to do any damage. The laser is supposed to help the metabolism of the cells by stimulating the cell’s mitochondria. It is a low side effect process, which is much safer than taking pain meds and other types of medicines to deal with inflammation. Each patient will be given a slightly different version of the therapy that is customised to the patient, depending on various factors. Our trained technicians can help you get the best results from the laser therapy.

Why Is Chiropractic Treatment a Secret To Longevity & Health?

Chiropractic is one of the most popular alternative pain therapies in medicine. Other alternate pain therapy may include accupunture and ayurveda but chiropractic service has shown astonishing results in pain management. For many patients chiropractic adjustments have shown same day results. Not only is it quick, it doesn’t have as many side effects. It is non-invasive so you are not pumping your body with unknown chemicals. Many insurances cover chiropractic service up to 100%, however, it depends from policies to policies. If you have chiropractic covered under your insurance you should get an adjustment, to feel more flexible and energetic. Even if you are not suffering from pain, chiropractic adjustment can help your posture, help with flat feet, sore muscles and fatigue muscles. For athletic kids, chiropractic services can help them with muscle soreness.

Some neuromuscular pain can cause migraines, stress and sleeplessness. Our chiropractors are trained professionals with proper certification who can help you from body pain without medicine.

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Chiropractic Expained

Just as there is not one type of pain in our body, there are different types of chiropractic services each with its own specialties. Chiropractic adjustments and laser therapy are two of the services we provide. A chiropractic doctor has studied chiropractic medicine and is a highly professional individual who knows everything about the neuromuscular system and how it works. They examine you first then determine the best course of action. They might p[erform X-rays, do a physical exam to see if there are underlying medical conditions you should get treated for first. If everything is right, the chiropractic doctor will perform the services to help you with pain, muscle soreness, flat feet, posture, joint pain, etc.


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