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Foot pain is the most common type of pan in both men and women even for younger people as well as older. Foot pain can be a cause of sudden movement or persistent injuries from many years.
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Many people suffer from Bunions. Bunions are a painful bump that develops on the outer side of the large toe joint. You can easily determine if your toe has bunions or going towards having a bunion. Slide your finger through the gaps in your toes, if you can, that’s good, if not you might want to see a chiropractor. The bunion toes happen when your big toe is turned slightly inward. Wearing the wrong size of footwear for months and years can cause bunions.

Plantar fasciitis is another foot problem, where the heel of your foot may ache. plantar fascia is a ligament at the bottom of your foot, when this ligament is irritated, you might suffer from foot pain. Plantar fasciitis can cause aches in the morning when you wake up. The pain can ruin your day, it can worsen when you try to walk or do certain movement.

Another foot problem that can be painful is Claw toe. Claw toe is a typical deformity of the foot in which the toes curl into a claw-like shape, dig down into the shoes’ sole and develop painful calluses. People often blame claw toe for wearing shoes that pinch the feet, like shoes that are too short or too high.

Foot and ankle pain may happen to anyone more so for people who do heavy athletic activities such as running or jumping. Pain in your feet can stop you from doing the small tasks such as walking from the room to the bathroom. It can make you inactive, scared to work and constitute a weight increase.

Our chiropractor, some of them are sports-certified, can help reduce the pain from bunions. They can adjust your foot to improve the mobility by adjusting the metatarsal. They can help to reduce the scar tissue around your big toe. Multiple visits to the chiropractor can help to put your toes in alignment and reduce foot pain.

Your feet and ankle can make the pain radiate to other parts of the body such as back and hip. A test by the chiropractic which will include physical examination, palpate movement to check your feet’s mobility can help them determine how to help you with feet and ankle pain.

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Our chiropractors can see what is causing the pain and help you identify the factors that might be contributing in foot deformity such as claw toes or bunions. They can educate you on what to do to reduce repeated injury of the foot ligaments. They can help you proper posture to apply even pressure on your feet and prevent future injuries.

Some quality foot chiropractic treatments come to Matanzas Chiropractor. We help foot pain for all ages. We are highly knowledgeable chiropractic doctors who have treated thousands of patients for foot and ankle pain. Call us for appointments.


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