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Have you been in an accident and suffered from severe pain even after your doctor has given you a green signal? Car and auto accidents can cause something called a whiplash injury, which is an injury of the neck due to sudden jerk.
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It causes a severe strain or sprain in your neck. The injury in your muscles and ligaments are the one that causes long lasting pain. Other types of injuries such as sports and falling can also cause whiplash injury but car accidents are the most common cause. Our necks are not used to high impact jerful movements which such a thing happens, your neck muscles tear and the small tears cause pain when they heal. However, dealing with the pain is quite a headache. The neck pain can stop you from doing work and often with time pain worsens before recovering.

Some common side effects of whiplash injury may include loss of range of motion of the neck, stiffness in the pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, radiating pain through shoulder and arm, etc.

Our chiprotacros may use a combination of therapy to treat your injured area.

Some Of The Treatment Methods Are


This method is the most common type of chiropractic treatment. The chiroprac will do physical manipulation of the spile and other joints to release any pinched nerves or realign bone. In case of a whiplash injury, it can help to alleviate the pain in your shoulder, arms and reduce that radiating pain.

Massage Therapy

Our practice also has massage therapists that can help to relax your muscles and make it more flexible. It relieves knots in your neck and shoulder to give you more rage of motion.

Moist Heat/Ice

Applying hot and cold packs can stimulate blood flow in the muscles and quick the healing process of the muscles

Muscle Stimulation

Muscle stimulation is another procedure to increase blood flow in the muscles to quicken the healing process of the torn muscles during the accidents.

Ergonomic And Lifestyle Changes

Our chiropractic doctors can educate you on how to make lifestyle changes. For example, they can show you the right way to stand and walk to prevent future pain inducing misalignments.

If you are someone who has never come to a chiropractic clinic before, this might be the perfect opportunity. We deal with neuromuscular pain. Our chiropractic doctors are certified and licensed to perform chiropractic therapy. All over the world chiropractic therapy is being researched and shown promising results in reducing various chronic and acute pain in the body. Injury pain that may become long lasting, and ruin your day to day life, can be treated with manipulation therapy, and other types of chiropractic practices.

Since each particular whiplash case is special, the diagnosis of chiropractic whiplash can not be generalised. The required chiropractic care is specific to each whiplash injury and is directed at the key dysfunctions found during the chiropractic assessment and history. If you need qualified chiropractic treatment for your whiplash neck pain, call us today.

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