Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment St Augustine

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be identified with numbness, tingling and burning in your arms and fingers. This happens when the median nerve of your hand that runs along the length of your arm is compressed.
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The carpal tunnel of your wrist is like a passage for your nerve. Because this is mainly where the nerve may get pinched, it is called carpal Tunnel syndrome.

It mainly happens due to repeated movements of the wrist. If you do work that requires you to use repeated movements of the wrist, it can pinch the nerve. We see with patients that it is not the numbness that bothers them but the mental stress that comes with having such pain. It can take a toil in your everyday life. It can become very difficult to deal with both mentalally and physically.

However, not all arm tingling, and burning are associated with a carpal tunnel syndrome, it is best not to self diagnose yourself. Come to our clinic, talk to one of the chiropractors who can check for symptoms, see your family history, run tests if necessary then devise a pain management plan to solve the issue.

Letting carpal tunnel syndrome persist and not getting early treatment can lead to many day to day issues. It is worsened with time and prevents hand coordination. If you are someone who needs steady hands like an artist or seamstress, getting treatment is crucial for your work and life. Medical treatment hardly does anything to solve the issue. Chiropractic treatment is the best bet you have to help you with this situation. Many orthopedics might also suggest you to try alternative medicine such as chiropractic treatment to help with the tingling and numbness.

It is not a sure way to get rid of all the discomfort, the process might take time. We are after all not magicians. However, from experience we can tell patients have recovered quite a bit from such tingling and numbing sensation after proper adjustments and education. Our chiropractic doctors can teach you techniques to stretch or relax the nerves. They can help to determine the main cause of why the nerves are getting pinched. Once they know the cause, they might be able to suggest proper methods of usage and ways to keep your muscles of the wrists from injury.

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We have had many patients who have been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, worrying themselves mad and developing health anxiety. Our doctors can put your brain at ease, ruling out any other medical issues after the visit. We will teach you home exercises and methods to get the nerves back in their position. We can help you manage the pain, it is something that is not going away. Chiropractic is a non-invasive procedure so you don’t have to fear side effects. Matanzas Chiropractic provides the best chiropractic service in St Augustine for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you experience such discomfort in your wrist, call us for an appointment.


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