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Herniated disc is a cause of back pain for many older people. It can make life hell, the pain is unbearable and makes you inefficient in doing the most simple of tasks.
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Although there are surgical treatments for herniated discs, they take a long time to heal, and cost thousands of dollars. Even after health insurance you have to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars if you go with a surgical procedure. Chiropractic care is a non-surgical treatment option for herniated discs. It doesn’t require you to take medicines or injections to deal with pain. Minor adjustment through multiple visits can help alleviate the pain and help you lead a happy life.

So, what exactly is a herniated disc? Our spine has a cushiony fluid between each vertebrae. This cushion is called the disc. Discs help to reduce friction between the vertebral column. They take impact when you move, jump and walk. Slipped disc or herniated disc happens when the fluid pushes out of the disc leaving a vertebral column to rub together with every movement. This can cause severe pain, worsen your spine alignment, cause pinching or nerve. Back pain, neck pain, hips pain are usually associated with herniated discs. It can also increase migraine symptoms.

Herniated Disc is most commonly the result of a progressive wear and tear associated with ageing, termed disc degeneration. As you age discs are more likely to get raptured, since they are more flexible for older people which causes disc injuries normal day to day movements. Exactly what causes the disc to rupture is still unknown.

Sometimes it’s genetic, other your overall health that can determine if you will have problems such as herniated discs. Often the use of your back muscles to lift large objects instead of your leg and thigh muscles can lead to a herniated disk, which can twist and turn when lifting.

You can take preventive measurements by getting chiropractic adjustments if you are older than fifty. A proper back alignment can reduce the chances of herniated disc. If you are someone who suffers from severe back pain due to herniated disc, a chiropractic adjustment can help you. Pain management is a major part of chiropractic. WE can examine you and determine the best course of treatment for your back pain which is the result of herniated disc. Our chiropractor has helped thousands of patients who suffer from herniated disc to relieve their pain.

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A chiropractor can help treat back pain and other signs of herniated discs. The chiropractor will run over the personal records at your first visit, do a physical exam and do orthopedic and cognitive examinations. A few things your chiropractor will be looking for. These are important questions that can help your chiropractor answer the orthopedic and neurological exams. They will check your reflexes, the rage of motion, any signs of muscle wasting, loss of sensations, etc. Call us to fix an appointment at Matanzas Chiropractic. We will be more than happy to assist you.


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