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If you have a rotator cuff and shoulder injury and want non-invasive treatment, get Chiropractic treatment. Matanzas Chiropractic treats patients with rotator cuff and shoulder injuries when they either are not benefiting from allopathic treatment or they don’t want to consume medicines.
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Your shoulder consists of many muscles held together with ligaments. The rotator cuff is a collection of four upper-arm muscles. They let you lift up and rotate your arm. The muscles are tied up by tendons to the bones. The rotator cuff tendons cause the muscles to raise the neck. When the tendons break in the joint, the humerus is not able to move as quickly. That makes it difficult to move the arm up or off the body. When someone gets an injury it can be strain in the muscles, ligaments, and nerve injury. The most painful is the nerve injury, if it is extreme enough you might lose sensation in your arm and would need to go under the knife to get it fixed. However, for minor injuries doctors suggest rest. As good as rest sounds, dealing with pain can be quite the headache.

There Can Be Many Reasons How You May Get a Rotator Cuff Or Shoulder Injury. Some Of Them Are:

  • When you pick up something heavy too quickly.
  • When you fall or meet with an accident.
  • You might get this injury while playing sports.
  • Work injury can also happen in shoulders or rotator cuffs.

No matter how you have got the shoulder or rotator cuff injury, the pain can be quite intense. It can be so intense that you won’t be able to move your hand for anything. The pain may take months to disappear and you might not be able to afford to be inactive for such a long time.

If you come to use with shoulder injury due to any of the above reasons, our chiropractic doctors will do a thorough exam for you. They might look at the shoulder for inflammation, movement capability and talk to you about your overall health. The exams will help the doctor figure out a perfect plan for your shoulder pain. They can also perform X-rays to see if the bone has been fractured. Many patients come directly to chiropractor when they know there has been no bone injury, while others are not so sure. Doing chiropractic treatment on a broken shoulder isn’t ideal, that’s why a precautionary X-ray might be conducted where necessary.

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Our Chiropractor has learned everything about the neuromuscular system and knows what to do with your shoulder injury to heal it faster and decrease the pain. Your chiropractor may recommend various types of treatment for relieving your shoulder pain. These may include ice packs, massages, traction, or stretching and strengthening exercises. Your chiropractor will discuss these with you and educate you in the matter.

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