Matanzas Chiropractic Testimonials

“We love this practice! My adult son with severe autism had contractions in his Achilles tendons. We were told that surgery would be required, which would have been a nightmare for all concerned. Dr. John worked with him for several months and the left foot is now flat on the floor. Going back to work on the right one now. What a great blessing. He is always sensitive to his needs and gets us in ASAP. They use several different methods to deal with an issue. Work on my neck also with great success!”


“Before I moved to St Augustine, I had been seeing a chiropractor on a fairly regular basis but I it took me more than a year to look for a someone after I moved. Finally, I listened to friends and gave Matanzas Chiropractic a try and I’m so glad I do. I see Dr. Hillary and when I walk out there after an appointment, I feel like a new man. She spends a good amount of time with a patient and has a number of different treatment approaches which she employs depending on the patient’s need and also what the client is comfortable with. I’m really glad I found this practice.”


“These Doctors go above and beyond for their patients. I have avoided surgery and certain medications because they have helped me in every way. I recommend them for chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage and the laser therapy! They are always quick to get an available appointment and always smiling every time I see either Dr John or Dr Hillary.”


“I really loved my prior chiro and was worried I wouldn’t find anyone I liked when I moved from south to north FL. My chiro gave me a list of 3 chiropractors to try and Matanzas was on the list. I called them first and I’m so happy I did. Dr. John has been great. He listened to me when I explained my symptoms and history and recommended laser therapy. My symptoms are chronic and I have been in pain for years. I can now actually go a few days before having to take Advil instead of taking it every day as I have for years. And we have only just started! Love this group of caring professionals. Highly recommend!!”


“Love, love, love! Dr.John and Dr.Hillary are both so amazing! And Katherine at the front desk! All super friendly and amazing at what they do! I was in a car accident a few months ago, and this crew is there for me and helps me out tremendously every week! They are so kind and passionate about what they do! I Highly recommend them!!!!”


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